Serena Gupta, Ph.D, LMFT - Harmony is embracing the light and the darkness within
First Appointment

Our initial meeting will focus on understanding your reasons for seeking therapy.  I will listen carefully, ask questions, share my understanding of your situation. I will then offer an explanation of treatment suggestions, my therapeutic approach and how our meetings will proceed in future sessions, so we can explore if we are a good fit for one another. If not, I will be happy to provide referrals.

Please review and complete the following forms prior to your first session. You may wait until we meet to sign the forms so that we can discuss any questions you might have. (The forms are available under the Forms tab)
  • Client Intake Form
  • Informed Consent

Therapeutic Style

 I utilize an integrative approach drawing from other therapeutic modalities.

Client Centered - This is my basic premise. The main focus of this approach is in the belief that individuals already posses the inner strength and are capable of reaching their fullest potential. Focus is on providing empathy, genuineness and being non judgmental.

Psychodynamic -Aims to promote insight by exploring childhood and family history that are possibly contributing to the current problem and attempting to make unconscious attitudes conscious.This may also include dream analysis and Sandplay therapy. 

(Sandplay therapy concretizes one's psyche using miniatures in order to deepen awareness to one's motives, drives and desires)

Cognitive Behavioral -This approach explores at thoughts and behaviors to orient you in the present moment and to bring awareness to those thoughts, feelings and actions that may be counter productive.

Areas of Focus

Substance/Alcohol Addiction
Domestic Violence
Physical/Sexual abuse
Grief and Loss
Work and Career Issues
Stress management
Life Stage Transitions
Chronic Illness

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